I am Denny Ployhar, the owner and sole worker of DP Log Works. Log building is not just a job for me, working with logs is my passion. Natural logs have a beauty unmatched by any other building material. It is amazing to see natural logs, because there are never two that are the same. Log structures have been built for hundreds of years and they have proven to stand the test of time.
Building and buying American made products is very important to me. That is way DP Log Works does it's best to keep the company using only American made materials.  I take pride in using logs only from the USA. Log buildings are some of the most environmental friendly buildings that there are. There are no synthetic materials used. They are as natural as a building can get. With logs, no building material needs to be manufactured, so very little energy is used.
Being the only builder, I can assure you that everything is done to the highest standard. I treat every log as if I were crafting it for myself. From peeling the bark off the logs to the final step, I am very particular in my work. When you are passionate about your work, it is very easy to take pride in it. It is not my goal to build you an average cabin. I want your grandchildren to still marvel at my work. 

Thanks for your interest!
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